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Dynamic Watts-Up Wax - 100ml

Dynamic Watts-Up Wax - 100ml

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This hyper efficient, super silent wax is all you need to ensure ultra-smooth indoor cycling this winter season. Tested and approved by avid Zwifters on their Tacx, Wahoo, Elite and Saris trainers.

It is possible to use this wax outdoors just not in wet conditions. You can apply any other Dynamic wax over the Watts-Up Wax if you decide to take your bike outdoor and expect some bad weather. The formula is planet-friendly and easy to use.

First Application: Degrease your chain and drivetrain really well, rinse with water afterwards and let it dry out. Shake the bottle vigorously and apply 1 drop of Watts-up Wax to the inside and outside of every chain link. Make sure to wait 2-3 hours before riding for the best results. Remove excess wax lube with a cloth if needed.

Re-application: Run the chain through a cloth to remove excess wax lube, you can also use a brush. Apply 1 drop of Watts-up Wax on the inside of every single chain-link. Best to wait 2-3 hours before riding. Remove excess wax lube with a dry cloth if needed.






Brugger standard

50 N/mm²

Water resistance


Corrosion protection


Viscosity 20oc


Friction coefficient




Suitable for

Bicycle chains

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