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Dynamic Speed Potion Pack 4-in-1 box

Dynamic Speed Potion Pack 4-in-1 box

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Professional wax kit with everything you’ll need to prepare your chain for the application of Speed Potion Wax.

What’s inside the box?

  • Drivetrain Detox (500ml)
  • Speed Potion Wax (100ml)
  • Drivetrain Detailing Brush
  • Microfibre Cloth

Speed Potion Wax
Speed Potion Wax is the ultimate bicycle chain coating. A top-grade wax composite containing over 17% friction reducing additives in a unique formula that makes you faster. Speed Potion Wax is extremely durable, provides maximum wear protection and keeps your chain clean.

Drivetrain Detox
Drivetrain Detox is a revolutionary, water soluble and biodegradable cleaner for your complete drivetrain. It’s designed for heavy duty cleaning. The cleaner rapidly removes grime, oil, wax and grease in a safe way. Ideal to prepare or clean your chain when using a chain wax or when switching between lubes.

Drivetrain detailing brush
Cleaning your drivetrain is an easy task with the Drivetrain detailing brush! The small size makes it a suitable tool to clean the narrowest areas of your drivetrain. The tough nylon bristles are ideal to remove all grease and grime from your chain, cassette and pulley wheels.

Microfibre cloth
The perfect cleaning cloth for all cleaning purposes: the Microfibre cloth. Use this cloth to clean and dry your drivetrain.

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