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Dynamic Mechanics Magic (100% carbon safe)

Dynamic Mechanics Magic (100% carbon safe)

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Mechanics Magics formulation is based on a top-grade base oil that surpasses market standards. This ensures the formula to work better, faster and #lastlonger. An important distinctie feature for the use around bikes and parts is that the spray is 100% safe for carbon.

Some of the magic this spray can do:

  • protect surfaces against rust and corrosion
  • penetrate parts or mechanisms that are stuck to loosen them
  • stop squeaks, beeps, and chirps
  • lubricate practically everything (do not use it as a replacement for your chain lubricant)
  • remove grease and dirt
  • 100% carbon safe

The formula works quickly and effectively but please do us one favour: do not spray near tires or braking surfaces.

Application: Shake can before use and apply widely or more precise depending on your needs. Apply directly onto frame and parts or spray it on a cloth first. Wipe away excess residue. Store in a cool and dry place.





Spray can

Corrosion protection


Friction coefficient


Water resistance


Carbon safe


Safe to use on suspension


Suitable for

All assembly and maintenance work

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