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Dynamic Lens Love Glasses cleaner & anti-fog

Dynamic Lens Love Glasses cleaner & anti-fog

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You can safely clean your glasses with the lens friendly formula. Say goodbye to dust, dirt, grime, sweat and oily stains. Lens Love removes fingerprints, smudges and streaks. The anti-fog formula prevents your glasses from fogging up which ensures a clear vision throughout your ride.

Lens Love is designed for usage on all kinds of glasses, helmets and goggles. It’s safe for all materials, including polycarbonate. Lens Love is free from solvents and harmful chemicals.

Application: Shake the can before use. Spray Lens Love evenly on the inside and outside of your glasses. Let the 2-in-1 formula do its magic for about 1 minute before gently wiping excess residue with a dry and clean cloth.

Tip: Pro teams treat the visors of the time trial helmets with Lens Love before the race.



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