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Casabarista - ToolSet Advanced CB-Black

Casabarista - ToolSet Advanced CB-Black

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CasaBarista's Advanced Toolset is made to prepare the best coffee. It includes the best tools help you get consistency. Every shot, every time! At home, but also professionally for your espresso bar.

This completely matt-black set consists of the CasaBarista CoffeeDistributor, the ZeroTolerance Tamper, a BlackCoated Milk Jug (600ml), smart Corner Tampermat and a handy brush with which the brew group can be easily cleaned.

With CasaBarista's CoffeeDistributor you distribute the finely ground coffee evenly in the filter basket. By giving a rotating (clock-wise) movement, the grind also distributes to the edges of the filter basket. Avoid channeling and get the best extraction. The depth of the 58mm 3 times 120 degree divider is infinitely adjustable.

With the CasaBarista ZeroTolerance Tamper (58mm) you tamp the divided ground perfectly flat. The tamper has an infinitely adjustable tamp depth. Adjust this once so the coffee puck fits exactly between the filter basket and the brew group shower. Tamping too vigorously is a thing of the past.

The CasaBarista BlackCoated milk jug prevents annoying caked-on milk residues. Foaming, whisking and rolling and you have the perfect milk foam for the cappuccino. The spout is ideal for the trained barista with latte art skills. Highly recommended!
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