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Oversized Derailleur Cage – Campagnolo 12s EPS – 14/19T

Oversized Derailleur Cage – Campagnolo 12s EPS – 14/19T

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A derailleur cage with oversized pulleys and ceramic bearings offers a real performance advantage, with a 98% reduction in transmission friction when compared to a standard mounting system, no matter what the derailleur model.

As well as bearings made with Grade 3 ceramic balls – as is the case for all CC's  bearings – to ensure flexibility and longevity, the cage has pulleys with a larger diameter to make the chain movement through the transmission seamless. The ceramic balls offer almost 0 friction (0.033w according to Friction Facts testing).

By using the ideal chain length, the oversized derailleur cage provides fluidity and precision to the whole transmission. As a result, you can gain up to one minute in a 20 km time trial.

CyclingCeramic cages are made form UD carbon fibres, thus providing lightness and rigidity during gear changes, unlike commercial products. Each carbon plate is designed to offer the perfect balance between performance and longevity.

Compatible with Campagnolo 12 Speed EPS

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