Thijs Verbrugghe

Thijs Verbrugghe is a rider for our Endurance Team since 2016.

Age: 28

Place of birth: Tielt

Nationality: Belgian

Goal(s) 2022: finish on the podium at cycling Zandvoort and try to win for the third time at Zandvoort.

1st 24h Zandvoort 2016
1st 24h Zandvoort 2017
1st 24h Zandvoort 2018
2nd 24h LeMans 2019
2nd 24h BrandsHatch 2019
2nd 12h Attic 20

Motto: speed style good times

Why you started cycling: Due to quitting motocross I was looking for a new sport. When I heard from friends about cycling 24 hours and also once participated in a taem of 4, I got the hang of it. 1 year later I was at the start as a solo rider and I got a taste of ultracycling.

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