In 2014 we started a team for 24-hour races. At that time, it was under the banner of Baum Cycles. Baum's production capacity was not sufficient to sponsor a complete cycling team, and the team converted to Sarto. Partly because the Sarto brand has more growth potential.

To give you an idea of ​​the 24 hour races; LeMans is 5 times the distance of the Ster van Zwolle in a straight line and Nordschleife is 18 times the Alpe D'huez in terms of altimeters! Fortunately, you do that in relay teams of four men. The program of 24-hour races is supplemented with various gran fondo races, with the main objective of the season being the world championship gran fondo, for which the riders need to qualify themselves first.

Last season 2022 was the most successful season ever for our endurance team. All four 24-hour races we entered were won including three distance records. We hope to be able to perform at such a high level again next year!


- UCI Granfondo Maijka (POL) 7 May

- UCI Granfondo Vosges (FRA) 14 May

- UCI Schleck Granfondo (LUX) 03 June

- Castelli 24h Feltre (ITA) 10-11 June

- 24h Zandvoort (NED) 11-12 June

- 24h Nurburgring / Nordschleife (GER) 22-23 July

- UCI World Championships Granfondo Glasgow (GBR)  6-7 August

- 24h LeMans (FRA) 26-27 August

Team 2023