Our endurance team races on motorsport circuits in a CO2 neutral way. That got us thinking about our overall emissions. From 2022 we have the ambition to make a CO2 positive contribution to the earth. We already took the first steps and are working on this goal for the next years.

Minimize our waste

We no longer use plastic or even wooden/paper cups, plates and cutlery, but plates and cups that are simply washed. Of course, the Tacx Shiva O2 water bottle made of sugar cane cannot be missed. In 2022 we reduced our waste with 70%.

The use of sustainable products

Our partner Dynamic Bike Care is developing sustainable products where the impact is as minimal as possible. We are therefore very pleased with Dynamic as a partner, "future is an attitude!".

Our transport to races

Because we have to travel a lot to races all over europe, this is a large part of our emissions. In the future we strive to do this full electric. Together with our partner Toyota, we already took the first step to this shift by the use of the Toyota Corolla Hybrid teamcars.

Shipment of our Support Shop

For the shipment of fan shop items, we use PostNL, which sends packages Co2 neutral.

But we are not there yet!

We encourage our partners to develop and produce products together with our cycling team. It is not yet possible to leave a completely CO2 neutral footprint after the finish line. That is why we have a compensation program for planting trees and thereby stimulating CO2 production.