Bas Bosma

Bas bosma is a rider for our Endurance Team since 2019.

Age: 34

Place of birth: Noordwolde (Friesland)

Nationality: Dutch

Major results:
- 1st 24h BrandsHatch 2019
- 1st 12h Attic 2021
- 3rd 24h LeMans 202

Goal(s) 2023: To win, to win and to win. Delivering the best performances as a team and also having a lot of fun and fun when we are on the road!

Motto: Take a look around, the world is so much prettier when riding a bike!

How you started cycling: My brother got me on my bike a long time ago, unaware of what this would cause. Every year the passion has grown and the cycling virus has got hold of me!