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SRT team edition - Tacx Shiva bottle (500/750ml)

SRT team edition - Tacx Shiva bottle (500/750ml)

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Tacx Shiva bottle - SRT team edition 

The Tacx Shiva 500 ml is the new water bottle of the Pro teams. This good-looking bottle is easy to squeeze, making it simple to drink while riding. The Shiva has a large twisting top with a leak-proof drinking spout. The large twisting top makes it easy to clean and fill the Shiva. Matches nicely with the Uma bottle cage when it comes to the design. This Tacx Shiva is environmentally friendly as it's bio-degradable.

What does BPA-free mean?
BPA is short for Bisphenol-A. These are so-called plasticizers that are often used in the plastic industry. However, this is a harmful substance that poses health risks if ingested frequently. For this reason, plastic that comes into contact with food is nowadays made of BPA-free plastic. All bottles in our range are free of BPA and therefore safe for frequent use.

What does it mean that my water bottle is biodegradable?
Biodegradable in the case of the Tacx Shiva means the bottle is fully recyclable. So if you separate the bottle with the plastic waste, it can be used again to make a new bottle.

My bottle is a bit older and the taste and smell have deteriorated, can I do something about it?
We recommend always cleaning the bottle immediately after use and leaving it to dry thoroughly to prevent any smells from taking hold. But if it does happen, try the following: fill the water bottle 3/4 full with warm water and a tablespoon of baking soda. Let this stand for a maximum of one hour and then rinse the bottle.
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