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Good results at the Dutch championships track cycling in Apeldoorn

During the national championships track cycling in Apeldoorn from 27 to 29 December, the Scorpions riders Wessel Mouris and Justus Willemsen showed themselves well.

Both riders managed to reach the podium in different races. Wessel rode in the individual pursuit at an appropriate distance from Brian Megens to a silver medal. Expected, but you still have to do it at that moment of course. On the same day he showed himself during the Scratch, in which he managed to lap the field with five others. Here he rode to sixth place.

After a long season, Justus competed in four races, after which he was allowed to enter the podium twice. In the points race, a place in the top three was achievable beforehand. He was able to convincingly prove that by lapping the rest of the field with Philip Heijnen and earned enough points for the silver medal.

During the madison, the long season in combination with the previous races of this Dutch Championship started to take its toll. Fortunately, his pairing buddy Elmar Ebma managed to pull him through and they were able to take home the bronze medal.

A nice end to 2022 for the boys and the team. After some rest they will start the preparation for the road season.


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